President's Message

In this day of digitalization and globalization, children and youth are faced with unprecedented opportunities as well as challenges. Culture and education are closely related. Multicultural education encompasses practices and theories that enhance the holistic development of children. The work of teachers, educationalists, and school psychologists requires pushing the limits of their creative and intellectual capabilities.

We have evidence that during the pandemic youth were having difficulties in coping with challenges. Youth are our hope, and they are the leaders of tomorrow. Evidence-based approaches and state-of-the-art strategies need to be aligned with the diverse needs of children and other stakeholders. At this juncture, Assumption University of Thailand is hosting the 3rd APSPA International Conference on ‘Multicultural Challenges and Diverse Approaches in School Psychology’ June 22nd-23rd, 2022 in association with the Asia Pacific School Psychology Association.

The deliberations of this conference will provide a platform for various academic discourse that enrich academia and fill the gap in existing research avenues. The conference also aims to provide training and workshops for school children in the Asia Pacific Region. I welcome APSPA members and all the participants a warm welcome. I warmly welcome all APSPA members and participants and sincerely hope that this conference will serve as a platform for collaboration and knowledge.

Rev. Bro. Bancha Saenghiran, f.s.g., Ph.D.
President-Rector Magnificus, Assumption University of Thailand

President's Message

The Asia Pacific School Psychology Association (APSPA) has been launched during the First International Conference of the Malaysia School Psychology Association (MaSPA) on School Psychology held at Hotel Grand Seasons, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 11th January 2019. Followed by the launching, deliberations of core committee members unanimously resolved to promote activities among school psychologists from different countries in the Asia Pacific region. This will cater to the needs of promotion of common school psychology services in the Asia Pacific region, especially in cross-cultural life skills, mental health, and well-being. 

The Asia Pacific region is comprised of multi-national, multi-cultural, and multilingual developing countries. Every country has its own unique multifaceted schooling systems which cater to the needs of heterogeneous groups of children. The schools run by the governments as well as private, both in urban and rural areas differ in many respects from the private English-medium schools that draw children by and large from economically prosperous families. Thus, the school setting today is characterized by the existence of educational institutions of various standards, which may be distinguished based on several indicators, including teaching and learning methods, physical infrastructural facilities, and policies of the administration. Children of these schools need proper psychological guidance to learn and acquire required life skills and abilities.

We strongly believe that professional school psychologists alone can provide the necessary professional guidance to the children in schools and educational institutions such as special schools and mental health homes. Presently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools are badly in need of such professional school psychologists to create an ambiance to teach and learn to provide the much-desired high-quality school education in the Asia Pacific countries by promoting mental health and well-being. 

In this connection, in collaboration with the Assumption University of Thailand, Bangkok conducting our 3rd APSPA International Virtual Conference on Multi-Cultural Challenges and Diverse Approaches in School Psychology on 22 – 23 July 2022.

We hope that the outcome of this conference deliberation will certainly raise the visibility of positive mental health among children in the Asia Pacific Region. This will also provide multidisciplinary approaches in transforming learning experiences in education and psychology domains.

I wish to record my sincere thanks to the organizing team for their initiative to conduct the successful conference.  

Dr. Panch. Ramalingam
President, Asia Pacific School Psychology Association, Malaysia

Keynote Speakers

Professor Gurmeet Singh

Pondicherry University

Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin

National University of Malaysia

Tan Sri Dr. T. Marimuthu

Chairman, Social Strategic Foundation

Professor Mehraj Uddin Mir

Central University of Kashmir
Jammu& Kashmir, India

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